Advanced Agitations: CenTex Fascists

A database of all the public information about Central Texas fascists produced by various antifascist groups. Currently stretching from ~2016 to present. Advanced Agitations for the Austin Autonomedia fash archive

The information below is only as accurate as the most recent iteration of a doxx. If you know the information has changed, let us know. We encourage you to do your own due diligence before using any of this information. Where possible, we have noted if information is dated and may be inaccurate now. 


Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Name: David Balabon

Address: 3225 Smokey Ridge, Austin, TX 78730

Contact info:, 512-585-4589


Name: Clayton Ray Leonard

Address (2019): 413 Swenson Farms Blvd 325, Pflugerville, 78660


Name: Parker Dane Murphree

Address: 150 Canyon Creek Ct. Weatherford, TX 76087

Contact info: 817-550-7609


Alt Right Milieu

Name: William Fears

Address (2017): 4907 Orange Tree Dr, Pasadena, 77505 

Contact info: 713-836-9689


Name: Ken Reed

Address (2017): 13422 Ellerslie Lane, Cypress, 77429


Name: Connor Perrin

Address (2017): 4424 Gaines Ranch Loop #1421, ATX 78735 

Contact info: 512-922-9441, 


Name: Kristoffer Ian Celer

Address (2017): 1805 Aquarena Springs Dr, apt 317

Contact info: 254-630-7861


Name: Paul Joseph Preston & Ariel Gherman

Address (2019): 1205 Morris St, Houston, TX 77009

Contact info: 713-859-0137,,


Name: Daniel Nelan Star

Addresses: 308 Quitman St Houston TX 77009
19510 Briarsedge Ct Katy TX 77449


Name: Robert Hester

Address (2017): 112 West Ave, Apt 141, San Marcos

Contact info: 210-386-9860


Name: Enzo Quesada

Address (2017): 317 Craddock Ave, Apt 1302, San Marcos

Contact info: 512-903-3260


Name: Sydney Mcglynn Crabtree

Address: 4405A Hayride Lane, Austin, TX 78744


Name: Tom Ives

Address: 3335 Dobbin stream Ln, Houston, TX


Patriot Front

Name: Paul Cornelius Gray

Address (2017/2018): 3200 S 1st St, Apt 403, Austin, TX 78704 (may live in Denver now)


Name: Dustin Hamby & Connor Graham

Address: 7211 Easy Wind Dr, Unit 1142

Contact info: Hamby (512-965-7783),


Name: Mark Andrew Peterson

Address (2017): 6712 Old Oaks Blvd, Pearland TX


UT Campus Fash (YCT, TPUSA, circa 2019)

Name: Benjamin Ryan Larrabee

Address: 12901 SILVER CREEK DRIVE, AUSTIN TX 78727


Name: Varun Hukeri

Contact info: 


Name: Anthony Dolcefino

Contact info: 


Name: Joseph Strassman

Contact info: 


Name: Ciera Bell Harris

Contact info: 


Name: Lillian Bonin

Contact info:  


Name: Samuel David Samson

Contact info: 713-540-0568, 


Name: Saurabh Sharma

Contact info: 



Name: Ethan Alexander Berman

Contact info: 


Name: Emily Shrode

Contact info:


Name: Thomas Graham Bartram

Contact info: 7134438522 


Nomads SAR

Name: Christopher Michael Ritchie

Address: Motel 6 Apt 208 (pavilion Blvd)


Name: Collin Whites

Contact info: 512-909-0537


Name: Jeremy Bryce Brooks

Address: 758 Whispering Oaks Dr, Giddings, TX 78942


Name: John Robert Colgin

Address: 1101 N Georgetown St, Apt 808, Round Rock, TX 78664


Atomwaffen Division

Name: Ethan Landrum Denby

Address: 6903 Deatonhill Dr. Austin TX



Name: Austin Beaty

Address (2017): 614 S 1st St, 78704


Name: Jennilyn Kae Lohmer

Contact info: 210-314-0501, 



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